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At this site which D-Market manages,it makes an effort toward the appropriate treatment and the protection based on the contents of the notice sentence to be specified
below by recognizing the importance of the protection of the personal information of the
customer based on the personal information protection law.
(1) We use the personal information which kept it from the customer about the collection and the use of the personal information for the following purpose.
(It sends member subscription,an item to order and it is the management of the request,the catalogue,the delivery of DM etc.compatible of contact,the use,the purchase record about the campaign)
(2) It elucidates the personal information which kept it from the customer about the third person offer of the personal information to the third person like a principle and it provides it and not having been held.
(3) The out sourcing place which is necessary when performing the service of us about
the depositing in the out sourcing place(The company which entrusted delivery service and so on)
There is a case to deposit the personal information of the visitor,it supposes that it is the top of the place to have concluded secrecy office work contract on confirming the security standard of concerned third person and it entrusts.
When the offer stop to the third person can be found from the very person about the personal information of the customer,we stop the this promptly.
To stop procedure inquire at the information centre.
(4) But the offer the attention point,the personal information when provided personal information by us is not the one of the customer depends optionally and to force it. There is that it becomes not possible when it isn't possible to have the offer
of the information on the reports such as the name,the address,the address to do an order,campaign participation because it isn't possible to do a product,a prize delivery. This is an important to understand.
(5)The personal information can not be elucidated without the consent to the customer even if a customer is recognized to be useful to elucidate,to correct,to delete personal information.
The customer contact to the following inquiry centre about the elucidation correction,the deletion about his own personal information.
For inquiry : D-Market incorporation. Tel :00-81-72-243-8783

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